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"She was just a lost little girl who didn't matter and didn't think she ever would."
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Hey just thought I'd let you guys know I made an account on Twitter...follow me @HisLostGirI :)
Title: A Heart Three Sizes Too Small [Klaroline]
Author: fleurdesparks
Klaus, Caroline; Klaroline
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Spoilers: 4x09 major spoilers...
Summary: Klaus' introspective thoughts on his dynamics with Caroline circa 4x09.
Author's Note:
AU, I think. I'm practicing with characterization, so I've a feeling Caroline is OOC.
Disclaimer: Don't own.

Topaz eyes burn, and pink lips purse...Collapse )
Why is it that I always miss out on friending memes?  I just did a search for them, and there's none recent.  Sad, right?  Oh well. 

On the bright side, I just splurged on a $14 dollar bottle of nailpolish; splurging for me because well...I had money and I wanted to spend it.  It's a gorgeous color though; Butter London.  My muses are being nonresponsive, so I'm slowly plugging along with fics and playing around with a SPN fic idea.  On top of that, I'm juggling my novel (yes, I write).  I have, like, 8 people waiting to read it, and I only have 2 and a half chapters done :o  I'm such a procrastinator, it isn't even funny.  Ooh! and I invited my crush over tomorrow to play Angry Bird.  Stupid, right?  I'm like, "Hey, want to play Angry Birds on my tv?" I don't know, he said it sounded like fun, so it's all set. 

Umm did anybody else see TVD last night?

big spoilery spoilers ahead...prepare to be spoiler if you have NOT seen 4x09...Collapse )
Dec 08 2012 - Yay!
Kol =)
"Her & Him" is finally done :D  I've worked out all the kinks, and am pleased with the way it looks.  I'll resume posting fics over Christmas Break. trucherrygirl, that'll be my present for you =)  I'll update the Haven fics AND write an Audrey/Duke fluff :)

P.s.  does anybody else think Matt Bomer's harmony with Darren Kriss while singing "Somebody That I Used To Know" was hot?!  I'm listening to it right now lol...
Dec 08 2012 - Ships

Semi-detailed list of couples I ship
Bones - Angela/Hodgins | Booth/Bones

Haven - Audrey/Duke | Audrey/Nathan | Vince/Dave

Once Upon A Time - Emma/August | Emma/Neal | Emma/Killian | Rumpel/Belle | Emma/Henry

How I Met Your Mother - Barney/Robin

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Buffy/Spike | Buffy/Angel

The Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena | Elena/Caroline/Bonnie | Klaus/Caroline | Bonnie/Jeremy | Damon/Stefan | Stefan/Katherine | Stefan/Klaus | Rebekah/Kol

Doctor Who - 11/Amy | Amy/Rory | 11/Idris

Leverage - Nate/Sophie | Parker/Hardison | Elliott/Parker

True Blood - Eric/Sookie

Inception - Arthur/Eames | Arthur/Ariadne

The Big Bang Theory - Leonard/Penny | Sheldon/Amy
Dec 07 2012 - Fandoms

semi-detailed list of shows/movies I watch


Once Upon A Time

How I Met Your Mother

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Vampire Diaries

Doctor Who


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2


Legend of the Seeker

Parks and Rec

It's Always Sunny

New Girl

True Blood

The Mentalist


The Big Bang Theory

[this list is subject to change without notice; may be added on to]
Sorry lovelies!

Please be patient with me, I'm kindof re-calibrating my journal and stuff after looking at some gorgeous layouts by enamors (by the way, she made the theme I'm using now) and her journal nightingails . You guys should really check it out; they're really pretty. Anyway, offtopic lol. Yes, my journal is under construction, so I'm still working out the kinks.

Never Let Me Go will be updated sometime next week
In The Darkness maybe next week? I've got a tight schedule with Mock Trial and stuffs.

Thanks, guys!
Dec 01 2012 - TVD Help
Klaus and Caroline
I have a recent (revived) obsessionw with Nathaniel Buzolic (did I spell his name right?) and the devilishly charming Kol Mikaelson.  Does anyone know where I can get icons of either? and maybe some LJ fic recs involving Kol?  I feel like he's underappreciated....like Rebekah. 

Oct 31 2012 - On slight hiatus...
Civics homework is conspiring against me....I have a horrid pile of it to complete over the weekend, so I won't be updating No Light, No Light until probably Tuesday, unfortunately.  I do apologize.
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