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Queen of Her Sad Land
"She was just a lost little girl who didn't matter and didn't think she ever would."
Nov 12 2013
In the process of finishing what I think will be a Captain Swan one-shot (Yes, I ship them, too. Have shipped them since 2x06 and they are pretty much my OTP) as well as starting a multi-chapter Captain Swan fic. I haven't posted either of them here yet, but I'm working on some fine-tuning for them. Working hard to characterize them as best as I can, because frankly, writing fanfiction is a.) enjoyable to me b.) gives me feels c.) makes me a better writer.

If I remember correctly, I think I had a Duke/Audrey three-part fic going on? But my muse won't listen to me on that, and inspiration sort of fizzled out, but after hearing Ed Sheeran's "Drunk", I sort of want to write a one-shot based off where Duke and Audrey are this season. They're more of a crack ship now, I think, since she's with Nathan, but oh well. I ship them anyway.

As for TVD, I won't be writing anymore Klaroline fics since a.) I don't watch TVD anymore and b.) Well Klaus is in New Orleans, and Caroline isn't, so.
Scratch that, I do have some unwritten Klaroline stuff on my comp. ;)

- Ella
Nov 13 2013 (UTC)
Yes, I'd love to read some Audrey/Duke from you! I'll take Audrey/Nathan/Duke, too! Haven OT3 is LOVE! Hehe ;)
Nov 13 2013 (UTC)
I'm scribbling something down as we speak! :D I'm afraid to write something with Nathan because I don't know what goes on in his head, not as well as I know Audrey and Duke, BUT I could give it a shot. :O [flails like a big flaily thing] Bromance with Duke and Nathan and the three of them being badass, what do you think?
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